How to Buy a Golf Course

Go for the green—these days, it may be the biggest bargain in real estate....

If you're interested in this Portfolio magazine article, you may be interested in this large green abstract fine art. Size: about 36 x 59 inches/ 3 x 5 ft.
Mixed media on canvas.

This green painting was created in a hotel room while I was in Fortaleza, Brazil last year.
I found very strong canvas, I prepared the canvas and painted on the floor over pages of local newspaper.
In the beginning of 2006...days were very clear and warm, paints were drying fast.
The hotel was very close to a great shopping mall, where I met old friends and made new ones.
Color Green... conversation over a cup of strong expresso coffee was about environmental and the Kyoto protocol. People there are very curious about golf in America. I explained them something I knew about this great sport.
It's yours (the green painting), here is how you can keep it.
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