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Who are the residents? Daniel Renetto Regia Art? Halloween

Who are the residents? Daniel Renetto Regia Art? Halloween
everything begin here ...
who are the residents? Oct. 31st

Auctioned Mock Rembrandt Sold for £2.2M

Small country salesroom at center of auction drama.
People are divided on whether this is a Rembrandt self-portrait.
A little painting on copper of a laughing young man, valued at up to £1,500 as in the style of Rembrandt, had been snapped up by an agent for an unidentified bidder for £2.2m.
This is pretty crazy, but maybe the buyer knows more than we all know.

Diamond Furniture worth $142,000 vs Regia Art

A media cabinet in red for the world's most expensive TV.

If You bought this You will be glad with the above red painting by Regia Marinho.

The high-gloss cabinets include automated drawers designed to accommodate everything from media components to liquor. The dust supposedly flashes when illuminated, an effect matched only by the LED stripes that can "change colors according to your mood," according to BornRich.

Regia Marinho's Sample of the Art Videos

NYTimes Print Ad Art Drawing Project Makeover

TITIAN Can Be Modern With Regia Art

Titian, Danae. © Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid and, Regia Art.

The Big Bird of Hope over Titian by Regia Marinho. TITIAN can be modern too!

This painting I mean Titian, is part of an exhibition dedicated to Titan’s late works at the Kunsthistorisches Museum. [via artdaily]

Haitian Art Collection for Sale by Hollywood Diretor

Haitian or Brazilian Art Collection for Sale by Hollywood Diretor?
The work shown above, is estimated to sell for $15,000-$20,000.
The other wonderful painting, not in that auction group, is estimated to sell for $25,000-$30,000.

Gustav Klimt: The Ronald S. Lauder and Serge Sabarsky Collections at the Neue Galerie

October 18, 2007 - June 30, 2008 at the Neue Galerie New York.

Gustav Klimt + Regia Marinho digital art
The Black Feather Hat, 1910
Oil on canvas.

Top 21 people on the ArtReview Power 100

01. François Pinault (1)
02. Larry Gagosian (2)
03. Sir Nicholas Serota (3)
04. Glenn D. Lowry (4)
05. Eli Broad (6)
06. Damien Hirst (11)
07. Charles Saatchi (7)
08. Jay Jopling (19)
09. Steven A. Cohen (32)
10. David Zwirner (16)
11. Sam Keller, Cay Sophie Rabinowitz, Annette Schönholzer, Marc Spiegler (5)
12. Brett Gorvy & Amy Cappellazzo (12)
13. Jeff Koons (10)
14. Iwan Wirth (14)
15. Michael Govan (33)
16. Harry Blain & Graham Southern (54)
17. Matthew Slotover & Amanda Sharp (8)
18. Tobias Meyer & Cheyenne Westphal (23)
19. Richard Serra (73)
20. Daniel Birnbaum (31)
21. Marian Goodman (15)
The first four influential arts people on the list are the same as last year.

The rest of the Power 100 list can be seen on the ArtReview website.
How art review make this list?

Francis Bacon’s rent cheque painting Study from the Human Body Sells For $16.3 Million at Christie's London

Francis Bacon’s rent cheque painting Study from the Human Body, Man Turning on the Light (detail) which sold for £8,084,500 ($16,371,113 / €11,528,497). © Christie's Images Ltd. 2007.

The increasing interest in collecting art has been fuelled by an unprecedented breadth and depth of the international collecting community. [from artdaily]

Are you ready to barter ONE MONTH RENT for ONE ORIGINAL PAINTING?

London Art Collector Charles Saatchi Unloaded German Paintings

London art collector Charles Saatchi unloaded several German paintings in favor of Chinese works at Phillips de Pury & Co. on Saturday. [from Bloomberg]
Among the works Saatchi sold were Martin Kippenberger’s Paris Bar (1993) for £636,000 ($1.29 million), more than double its high estimate. Purchases at a later sale included Zhang Xiaogang’s Bloodline Series (2005), for £804,000.

David Lester's Sea Fair is in New York

The David Lester's Sea Fair is in Chelsea Pier New York until Sunday Oct 14.
It's a floating art gallery and a luxury yacht.

The participating dealers, who shell out as much as $90,000 a month in booth rental fees, are banking on Lester’s notion that there is a new collector in every port. The yacht, which is currently docked at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan, will make 34 stops over the next year.
An Art boat that follow the money. It's by invitation only. [images from nytimes and artinfo].
I was not invited; I'm just an artist not yet there, so I cannot show more pictures from inside the boat.

Handbag Was Found by an Old Chandelier

What this R.Marinho's abstract painting is doing here with Anna Wintour?

What was the very first thing that came to your mind?

Look at These 2 Different Artist Styles

Left or Right?
Which one of these paintings do you enjoy most?

Frank Dunphy, I Need a Mentor

Frank Dunphy, artist needs a mentor.

Are you there?
I'm on the other side of the Atlantic...

but I can paint you a new tie!!

How to Become the World's Richest

a few facts from the list of the 20 Richest People in the World:
- Only 7 out of 20 completed college.
- 17 out of 20 were married. 1 was single. 1 was widowed. 1 was divorced.
- 18 out of 20 had 2 or more kids. 1 had 0 kids. 1 had 1 child.
- 13 out of 20 fortunes were self-made. 1 was N/A. and 6 were inherited.
- 4 out of the 7 who completed college, inherited their fortune.
- Their average age is 64 years.
- 5 of them live in the US. 2 live in Germany. 2 live in the UK. 2 live in France. [from Boomj finance]
And, the most important part here is....I'm sure...ALL OF THEM COLLECT R.Marinho ART Who? Let me get serious.
If you want to be the richest person in the world you may want to consider dropping out of school, move to the US, get married, have 2 kids, BUY RM ART, don’t expect an inheritance, and you’ll be one of the wealthiest people in the world by age 64. And, also you'll need luck!!! You have my good energy directing to YOU. Best of luck!

Takashi Murakami at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles next month

The Japanese artist who brought pop aesthetics to luxury brand Louis Vuitton will debut a new exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles next month. A pop-up retail store is part of the show, which will not only display, but will sell, Takashi Murakami’s $800 to $900 handbags. [from]

I love his works!! And you my fellow kids and baby boomers?

Damien Hirst responds to press reports of a leak in one of his formaldehyde works

Sadly, nothing in life lasts for ever, not even art objects . Our houses fall down eventually; all we can hope for is that, with lots of help, care, love, understanding and hard work, we can make the things that we value last a very long time. When it comes to my work, lots of people think that I use formaldehyde to preserve an artwork for posterity, when in reality I use it to communicate an idea.

So relax, everybody, and enjoy art for what it is, worry not about what it isn't, have no fear of artworks decaying and relish the thought that "where there's a will there's a way" and, with imagination and a little care, we can try against all odds to make everything in life that we cherish, including art, last for ever, even though we know it's impossible. That's what life's all about. As David Hockney once said to me: "It's funny how people worry about paintings fading, when artists' careers can fade even faster.from Guardian Unlimited.

I enjo…