How to Become the World's Richest

a few facts from the list of the 20 Richest People in the World:
- Only 7 out of 20 completed college.
- 17 out of 20 were married. 1 was single. 1 was widowed. 1 was divorced.
- 18 out of 20 had 2 or more kids. 1 had 0 kids. 1 had 1 child.
- 13 out of 20 fortunes were self-made. 1 was N/A. and 6 were inherited.
- 4 out of the 7 who completed college, inherited their fortune.
- Their average age is 64 years.
- 5 of them live in the US. 2 live in Germany. 2 live in the UK. 2 live in France. [from Boomj finance]
And, the most important part here is....I'm sure...ALL OF THEM COLLECT R.Marinho ART Who? Let me get serious.
If you want to be the richest person in the world you may want to consider dropping out of school, move to the US, get married, have 2 kids, BUY RM ART, don’t expect an inheritance, and you’ll be one of the wealthiest people in the world by age 64. And, also you'll need luck!!! You have my good energy directing to YOU. Best of luck!
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