REGIA LIST I for the SuperRich

What a Billionaire wants for the Holidays gift?
If you have super rich someone in your life you can either choose to give a yacht or an artwork.

- The 250 million yacht
London-based Rainsford Saunders Design will build you a 459-foot “gigayacht” with infrared cameras, long-range radar, a Cerberus diver-detection system to sense underwater threats, and more.

- $18 million (£9 million) dollar Rothschild Faberge egg?
Due for public auction at Christies on November 28. The egg is known to be an engagement gift to Germaine Halpien and Baron Edouard de Rothschild in 1902.

- The 1 M Regia Marinho's paintings.
Brazilian born artist living in New York has a wall power (9 paintings 2 x 2 ft) available for you.
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