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Stamps Better Than Stock Market?

A mint block of 1840 One Penny Black stamps, owned by Bill Gross of Pacific Invesment Management Co., or PIMCO

In 2007 billionaire fund manager Gross raised $9.1 million for charity in June by selling early British stamps, mostly bought in 2000 - that outperformed his Pacific Investment Management Co.'s bond fund, the world's largest.

``It's four times cost,'' Gross said after the sale in New York. ``It's better than the stock market.'' [from bloomberg]

What Is Your New Year Resolution? Investing in Art? or Selling Abstract Art?

Above big paintings by artist Regia Marinho.

Resolution for 2008 : This new year I will make my fortune in art.

General tips for your New Year resolution.
- Make only ONE resolution. The chances of success are greater when people channel their energy into changing just one thing.
- Over a cup of coffee take some time to reflect upon what you really want to achieve.
-Avoid repeating previous resolutions. Choose something new, or approach an old problem in a new way.
- Be specific. Think through exactly what you are going to do, where you are going to do it, and at what time.
- Think about what you really want out of life, such as make a living as an artist, finishing that novel, or making money online.

-Instead of thinking "I want to find a new job" focus on creating bite-sized, such as rewriting your CV each time you apply for a job. Visit or and applying for one new job as soon as you find it like every other day.
-Map out the step-by-step mini-goals …

No Recession, ART is Hot

...there are no signs that the art market is softening.

"If you look around, particularly in New York, it seems like everyone's a billionaire and they don't seem to be affected terribly by this credit crunch," said David Nash, of Mitchell-Innes & Nash, a private New York art consultancy and gallery specializing in impressionist, modern and contemporary masters. [from businessweek]

Merry Christmas Happy Holidays

Ange adorateur, (Ville-en-Hesbaye, église Notre-Dame de l'Annonciation). [from artdaily]

No. 5, 1948 Abstract Painting by Jackson Pollock

Even though art prices soared last year, no painting topped Steve Cohen’s $140 million purchase of a Jackson Pollock in late 2006. Yet we saw two residential purchases of more than $100 million (one in the Hamptons, the other in Colorado).
from The Wealth Report - predictions for the rich in 2008

No. 5, 1948 - Jackson Pollock, 1948
oil, enamel and aluminum paint on fiberboard - 4' x 8' (130 x 260 cm)

This abstract masterpiece is said to be the most expensive painting to date. It was reportedly sold by its previous owner, David Geffen for 140 million US dollars in 2006.

Miro Painting Sold for 16.7 Million in Paris

A painting by artist Joan Miro sold for a record 11.6 million euros (16.7 million dollars) in Paris Friday, the highest price ever for one of his works.
The oil painting, unnamed but known as "Blue Star" was purchased by a private European collector, which doubled its estimated price of between 5 and 7 million euros (7.2 and 10 billion dollars).

Next year I'll buy a Miro to hang side by side with RegiaArt.

Upcoming Auction Christie's New York

American School
Title Portrait of a girl in a red dress with a kitten
Medium oil on canvas
Size 46 x 33.2 in. / 116.8 x 84.5 cm.
Sale Of Christie's New York: Friday, January 18, 2008 [Lot 642]
The Collection of Marguerite and Arthur Riordan
Estimate 60,000 - 80,000 US$

Christie's New York Tiffany Auction Results

Title Three cabinet vases
Year 1910
Medium favrile glass
Size 4 x 0 in. / 10.1 x 0 cm.
Sale Of Christie's New York: Tuesday, December 18, 2007 [Lot 12]
Important Works of Art By Tiffany Studios
Estimate 4,000 - 6,000 US$
Sold For 10,000 US$ PREMIUM

RegiaArt graffiti drawing.

Picasso and Portinari Stolen from Museum in Brazil

A work by Picasso and another by Portinari were stolen from the Museum of Art of Sao Paulo. The works are worth around $100 million. One of the works is titled Portrait of Suzanne Bloch (1904) by Pablo Picasso and the other one is titled The Coffee Worker by Brazil's Candido Portinari.

Hoje foi roubado do MASP um Picasso e um Portinari. “Retrato de Suzanne Bloch“, de Pablo Picasso (1904) e “O Lavrador de Café” (1939), de Candido Portinari, estavam em salas distintas, obras das mais valiosas do acervo.

Museo di San Paolo: rubati un Picasso e un Portinari.

Let Me Close It, Tate Modern Crack, Video Response

La video risposta ai video sul Crack di Doris Salcedo.

Excuse me, Let Me Close It... the treacherous gap in the floor of the Tate Modern.
Graffiti over NY Times by artist Regia Marinho.
Video resposta a art de Doris Salcedo no Tate Moderno.

Legendary Architect Oscar Niemeyer turns 100 Dec 15th.

Oscar Niemeyer has lived so long that his once-futuristic designs for Brazil's capital are now hailed as «retro-future,» but the legendary architect is still going strong as he turns 100 on Saturday.
The architectural revolutionary has designed Brasilia's main buildings.

O brasileiro Oscar Niemeyer, o arquiteto de Brasilia faz 100 anos hoje. Meus Parabens!

Gagosian Has a New Gallery in Rome

Everybody guessing
A Roman Gagosian Gallery because

1 - Rome is glamorous and international
2 - He always expanded in a recession
3 - Rome is the most beautiful city in the world
4 - Cy Twombly requested
5 - Gagosian setting up secret deals with the Vatican
6 - sell blue-chip art to Roman collectors
7 - strategic geographical position of Italy
8 - easily acquire works by dead artists
9 - show new talents

Gagosian Gallery
Via Francesco Crispi 16
00187 Rome

Portrait of Russian Foreign Minister Mr. Lavrov

Sergei Lavrov
acrylic on canvas
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, huge painting by R Marinho. A Mr. Lavrov portrait created when he was the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation at the United Nations in New York. This picture shows Mr. Lavrov along other member of the Security Council at the United Nations Press Club.

Francis Bacon Without Regia Art Sells for $20.2 Million in Paris

Francis Bacon Without RegiaArt Graffiti At Paris Sotheby's Auction Week. 12 Dec 07

SEATED WOMAN (Portrait of London bartender MURIEL BELCHER)
165 x 142 cm; 65 x 56 in.
huile sur toile
Exécuté en 1961.

A Francis Bacon painting sold for 13.7 million euros ($20.2 million) at a Paris auction tonight in another sign that Sotheby's is expanding in the fourth-largest art market.
Bacon's ``Seated Woman,'' a 1961 portrait of London bartender Muriel Belcher, went to an unnamed bidder in the auction room, a Sotheby's spokeswoman said. [from bloomberg]

RegiaArt exécuté en 2007.

The Frugal Billionaires buy Art

Frederik Meijer
John Caudwell

The Frugal Billionaires prefer Regia Marinho Art. Why? It's under valuated.

Rich View Art Privately

Rich dine privately, shop privately, view art privately; everything is private, private, private," says Ahlya Fateh, managing editor of Britain's upper-class lifestyle magazine Tatler.

The rich definitely do not want to live among the masses. More gated communities are on the rise, including Dubai's man-made World islands.

Nakheel, developer of The World cluster of man-made islands off Dubai, has sold 35 plots this year reports GulfNews.

and Moscow's new $3 billion Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoye development.

Thirty thousand millionaires will move to a Moscow suburb village.

For a private art view contact

Joan Mitchell at Christie's Paris

lot# 22
Artist Joan Mitchell
Title Mandres
Year 1961 - 1962
Medium oil on canvas
Size 87.5 x 78.9 in. / 222.3 x 200.5 cm.
Misc. Signed
Estimate 1,800,000 - 2,500,000 Euro (US$ 2,631,194 - 3,654,436)

Christie's Paris
Art d'Aprs-Guerre et Contemporain
Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Art Collector Rosa de la Cruz to Open Museum in Miami

Everybody is talking about: Rosa de la Cruz plans to open a 27,000 sq. ft. museum in the Design District within 18 months.
Miami architect John Marquette has been chosen to design the museum.

[regiaart on the wall]

Craig Robins' Art Collection in Miami

Tour of Craig Robins' Art Collection
Craig Robins' Art Collection in Miami.

Mr Robins is founder and president of Dacra Group, an urban redevelopment and property company that created Miami's Design District. Dacra Global, the international arm of his company, has an alliance with Beijing-based construction company Modern Group to build 50 per cent of the retail component of a $100m, 230,000 sq metre development called Pop Moma and Grand Moma in Beijing.[from]

The art fair Art Basel Miami Beach is exploring branching out to Beijing with a new partner, Design Miami.

Billionaire Wilbur Ross at the Miami Basel Art Fair

Wilbur Ross a billionaire investor who specializes in resurrecting failed companies, is betting the U.S. mortgage market will rise from the dead.
He was with his wife, Hilary, on the bustling floor of the Art Basel Miami Beach fair over the weekend.
What was $20,000 a few years ago is now $1.2 million, he said. [from Bloomberg]

Prince Bandar sells Aspen guest home for $36.5M

Prince Bandar bin Sultan sold his much hyped 66.6-acre, 14,395 sq. foot home located in Starwood neighborhood, outside of Aspen for $36.5 million to Jeffrey Soffer, a Las Vegas-area real estate developer.

Three Tulips Without RegiaArt or RegiaArt Tree

Which One?
Donald Baechler
Three Tulips
acrylic, oil and fabric collage on canvas
8,000 – 12,000 GBP
At Sotheby's London 12 Dec 07

Regia Marinho
acrylic on canvas
$................real or euros
Offer right here or email.

Small Size Guennol Lioness Sells For $57.2 Million

Guennol Lioness sold for a remarkable $57,161,000.

This afternoon at Sotheby’s New York, the Guennol Lioness, one of the last known masterworks from the dawn of civilization remaining in private hands, sold for a remarkable $57,161,000, a record for any sculpture at auction.

The Guennol Lioness was created approximately 5,000 years ago in the region of ancient Mesopotamia. The sculpture was acquired in 1948 by Alastair Bradley Martin and his wife Edith, whose revered Guennol Collection of choice masterworks across countless periods and cultures has been celebrated by scholars and museums for decades. The Guennol Lioness had been on view at the Brooklyn Museum of Art for nearly 60 years and extensively published. The proceeds of the auction will benefit a charitable trust formed by the Martin Family. [from artdaily]

At Art Basel Canvas by Francis Bacon Without R. Marinho's Grafitti

A large oil and pastel on canvas by Francis Bacon, "Study from the Human Body" (1986) is offered at Marlborough Gallery's booth At Miami Basel.
Price? Why ask?

Francisco Costa at the New Museum With Regia Art Grafitti

Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal and Calvin Klein Collection designer Francisco Costa at the New Museum on Wednesday, November 28 party.
And a digital drawing by Regia Marinho. I loved the small theater at the New Museum. The new new museum is very clean, white, great view from the top of the building...
I'll come back there for a coffee, will post more photos.