How Many Picassos Yahoo Yang and Filo Can Buy With the Microsoft Deal?

Jerry Yang (Yahoo)
David Filo (Yahoo)
They got rich today.
Now they can buy whatever ART they want.
801 Warhols, 1386 Picassos, 100,000 the line engineer's drawings, RegiaArt, All my paintings...or as many as they want blank canvas.

Congrats to David & Jerry! What a deal!

If Microsoft’s $44.6 billion offer for Yahoo results in a deal, Messrs. Filo and Yang — Yahoo’s co-founders and biggest inside shareholders — will see their wealth jump by more than 50%. According to SEC filings, Mr. Filo has 78.2 million shares of Yahoo, while Mr. Yang has 52.8 million shares. They also have millions of options and indirect shares. Yahoo shares soared 45%. [from wsj]

A Microsoft afirmou nesta sexta-feira que fez uma oferta de compra ao Yahoo envolvendo ações e dinheiro, com valor total de US$ 44,6 bilhões.
Microsoft oferece US$ 44,6 bi para compra do Yahoo! Yang and Filo estao muito mais ricos hoje.
Eles agora podem comprar 1386 pinturas de Picasso, 801 Warhols, 100,000 desenhos de "the line engineer", regiaart's...
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