Starting an Art Collection Online

"The art of collecting is highly addictive once you target your next obsession." [from real simple]

Whether it's abstract paintings or small drawings, having a particular object in mind takes shopping to a whole new level.
Starting an art collection takes you to a more exciting online experience.

Look to the web for inspiration. Visit eBay, an artist website...

If it brings you joy that is worth more than any dollar amount.

Sylvia White wrote "E-commerce works for a lot of specific reasons: it's easy, it's convenient, it's private and it's anonymous. Art is not the kind of product that you can be talked into. Buying art is not like a buying a car or a computer, where most consumers do comparison shopping to check for value as well as quality. It is one of the few categories that is almost a totally emotional buy. You look at it, you like it or you don't. It is a mystery what contributes to a person's personal taste." [from art advice].
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