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New York James Cohan Gallery Opens Space in China

Gallery owner Jane Cohan says:
“We did very well with collectors from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea during the ShContemporary fair last year. Chinese collectors have traditionally been China-centric, but we believe that in time they will buy more broadly.”
James Cohan Gallery opens a 3,000 sq. ft space in Shanghai in July. [from theartnewspaper]

abstract art

The Monet Buyer Was Arts & Management International

Claude Monet
Le bassin aux nymphéas

Christie’s London June 24, 2008

The top lot of Christie’s London was Monet’s six-foot-wide painting of water lilies from 1919, Le basin aux nymphéas, which sold for £40,921,250 ($80,451,178), rather more than the presale high estimate of £24 million. The buyer was Arts & Management International, a London-based art consultant headed by Tania Buckrell Pos. [from artnet]

Art is Now an Asset Class

said Irving Blum...

"Art is now an asset class,'' said veteran U.S. collector Irving Blum in an interview at a reception for Koons's sculpture. ``When financial advisers divide up investment portfolios, they're often now talking about allocating a certain amount to art.''

said Cheyenne Westphal...

Contemporary art has performed well as an investment,'' said Cheyenne Westphal, Sotheby's European chairman of contemporary art. ``Though buyers aren't thinking solely about investment, it's definitely becoming a stronger consideration.'' [from bloomberg]

How magnate Samuel Courtauld saw the magic of Cézanne

Still Life with Plaster Cupid (c1894)

"He wasn't interested in buying works that a dealer told him he should buy. Nor was he interested in charting every twist of Cézanne's career. He only wanted to buy paintings that he found moving." It's hard to think of a better motive when it comes to collecting art.

In 1923, Courtauld bought his first painting by Cézanne, a late still life dominated by a plaster cast of a Cupid, which he had spotted at an exhibition at Agnew's gallery in London's Old Bond Street.
[from telegraph]

Abstract Regiaart

Contemporary Abstract Paintings on eBay

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Cezanne and Beyond

"Bay of l'Estaque" by Paul Cezanne, an 1879-83 oil on canvas painting. The work, from the Mr. and Mrs. Carroll S. Tyson, Jr. Collection, will be on display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art as part of the exhibit "Cezanne and Beyond" from Feb. 26, 2009 through May 17, 2009. [from bloomberg]

101 Vivid Abstract Art Collection of a Living Artist Available for $501,000

Regia Marinho's 101 abstract pieces on sale for $501,000

Billionaires such as Roman Abramovich are propping up the top end of the world's contemporary-art market while some cheaper pieces worth less than $500,000 are struggling to sell, according to a survey published today. [from bloomberg]

After reading this news I decided to put up for sale the RegiaArt collection of 101 abstract pieces for $501,000.

Please contact the artist at with your interest. More info about Regia Marinho at

Regia Marinho Abstract Paintings (2)


The Regia Art Show Rick Rolled

Regia Art Rick Rolled.
This song is performed by Rick Astley.
The drawings and paintings by Regia Marinho.

Picasso Prints Stolen From Sao Paulo's Pinacoteca

A print from Picasso's his 1933 print Minotaur, Drinker and Women 1963-1965 and The Artist and His Model series were taken on Thurday June 12nd.
A painting by Brazilian artist Di Cavalcanti,
and another by Lithuanian-born Brazilian painter Lasar Segall were also taken.

Obras de Picasso são roubadas da Pinacoteca de Sao Paulo.

Duas obras do pintor espanhol Pablo Picasso, foram roubados, nesta quinta-feira, 12
mais um quadro do brasileiro Di Cavalcanti,
e uma gravura do lituano naturalizado brasileiro Lasar Segall.

Emily Ansenk Buying for Scheringa Museum

Emily Ansenk, the director of the Scheringa Museum in the Nether­lands, was actively acquiring works at Art Basel, Volta and Scope.

She was constantly in contact with the art museum’s founder, Dirk Scheringa, a billionaire entre­preneur. [from theartnewspaper]

Does Your Father Like Red? Father's Day Gift

Panasonic SD Camcorder. AVAILABLE AT: The Conran Shop.And a REGIA ART Original Painting available online here.

Do you PURPLE IT? ...And Michelle Obama Wore a Purple Dress

... AND Michelle Obama wore a purple dress!!!
... AND Regia Marinho created a purple painting!!!

Purple is the new 'it' color!

But can we focus for just a second… on the fly, fabulous and fierce Mrs. Michelle Obama? She has always been striking, graceful and elegant and her fashion choices have usually been spot on but she outdid herself with the nomination dress last night. [from islandista]

And Michelle killed it in that purple dress...truly looking like royalty. from [goddessesrising blog]

More about RegiaArt here

Zhukova and Art in Moscow Huge Space - I Say Bravo

"I am developing a big contemporary art space in Moscow." The project is the brainchild of Daria “Dasha” Zhukova.

A 1927 bus garage in Moscow designed by the Constructivist architect Konstantin Melnikov is to be transformed into a gallery for contemporary art and culture.

Zhukova, who is dating billionaire football boss Roman Abramovich, is believed to be one of the primary investors in the exclusive gallery, which will be situated on the site of an abandoned bus station.[from vogue]

New Painting from
More detail and photos here.