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I Took A Blank Canvas Out For Coffee

Yesterday I took a blank canvas out for coffee. It's part of RegiaArt project of making art in public spaces.
See the result of my caffeine time

location NJ

Regia Marinho, is based in New York/New Jersey area.
Regia Art videos are available on

Art dealer Larry Gagosian in Moscow?

Art dealer Larry Gagosian has announced that he will mount an exhibition of more than 100 works by 50 postwar and contemporary artists in a former chocolate factory near the Kremlin this fall.
The show will also inaugurate Red October, a 19th-century former chocolate factory on the Moscow River, as a new arts center.
Red October Chocolate Factory
6 Bersenevskaya Embankment
M. Biblioteka im. Lenina, Kropotkinskaya

The show titled "For What You Are About to Receive," is Gagosian's second in the Russian capital, and runs from September 18 through October 25.

Russia, now in its 10th year of economic growth, is the world's second-biggest oil exporter. According to Forbes, the number of Russian billionaires jumped to 110 in 2008 from 36 in 2004. This new wealthy class is eager to spend on luxury items and fine art.

Is Europe's Billionaire Woman an Art Collector?

Heidi Horten - One of the Europe's Billionaire Women
Citizenship: Austria
Net worth: $3.7 billion
She owns one of world's largest yachts, the 315-foot Carinthia VII, and enjoy hunting and collecting art.
CARINTHIA VII: At 321’5”, the Carinthia VII is the largest yacht in the world owned solely by a woman. Props to Heidi Horten, a German retail giant for her big boat. Its home is the International Yacht Club of Antibes.

Heidi divides her time between a home in Lyford Cay, Bahamas,
a residence in Tessin, Switzerland,
a penthouse in Vienna, Austria,
and a house by the Worthersee in Austria.

Tower House of the India's Richest Man Mukesh Ambani

Work In Progress:
India's Richest Man Mukesh Ambani's 60-story Tower House

The world’s tallest and most expensive house. Some of the highlights are:
- 27 floors with an equivalent of 60 storied residences at 173.12 meters.
- 6 floors for parking, Mukesh’s family has 168 imported cars.
- Facilities for athletics and a swimming pool, and a health club.
- Helipad at rooftop
- Artworks? How many?...

Who will be the interior designer of this big house?
Top right: Noises Over My Head. RegiaArt working to meet the demand.

Who own India’s First Private Museum of Contemporary Art?

Anupam Poddar and his mother Lekha have assembled a collection of over 7,000 works of art of Indian modern, contemporary and tribal art.

The birth of the Devi Art Foundation signals a sort of turning point in the Indian art scene, in that it opens up a private family trove to the public and is devoted entirely to contemporary art.

“While most collectors in India still ‘buy with their ears,’ ” said Peter Nagy, a transplanted New Yorker who runs the Nature Morte gallery here, “the Poddars have always listened to their hearts and brains and have never been afraid to be independent in their choices.” [from nytimes]


Who World's Richest Royal Has A 400-Year-Old Art Collection?

Who World's Richest Royal Has A 400-Year-Old Art Collection?
Prince Hans-Adam II von und zu Liechtenstein
Age: 63
Net worth: $5 billion
Heads the tiny Alpine principality. His family’s bank, LGT, its most valuable asset. Other holdings include an estimated 20,000 hectares of land in Austria; several 17th-century palaces in central Vienna; RiceTec, a producer of genetically engineered rice in the U.S.; and a 400-year-old art collection.

Why is Crucial to Serve Alcohol at Gallery Openings?

Ruth Vered Explains Why It’s Crucial to Serve Alcohol at Gallery Openings.
The East Hampton art gallery owner Ruth Vered, who was arrested for serving wine without a permit at an opening earlier this summer, says it's easier to get people to drop $100,000 on a piece of art if they're not sober. [from nymag]

The Vered Gallery, at 68 Park Place in East Hampton, was shut down by police order during the height of its opening Memorial Day Weekend reception featuring an exhibition of well-known international fashion photographer Steven Klein.

Art From eBay on Show at Hayward Gallery London

VIEW BASKET: Art bought online. A Show at Hayward Gallery one of London's most prominent galleries.
A range of images and objects have been selected by Hayward Curatorial Associate Tom Morton and purchased from the auction site over a two-week period in August 2008. The chosen pieces reflect Britain's 'hidden' art - works that have occupied people's homes rather than the public space of a gallery, offered for sale through the democratic marketplace of the internet.
It also includes a display of the packaging in which these items have been sent to The Hayward. When the exhibition ends the works will become part of The Hayward's archive.

"View Basket" will be on at the Hayward Gallery until 28 September.
* * *
Regia Marinho abstract painting

Florida Has More Millionaires Than New York?

Regia Marinho painting New wealth stats.
Florida had 199,000 residents with a net worth of $1.5 million or more as of 2004 (their latest period).
That topped New York’s count of 168,000, though it still trailed way behind leader California, which boasted 428,000–more than a fifth of the nation’s total.
Texas, with 108,000 people with a net worth of $1.5 million or more.
In fifth place was Illinois. The lowest-ranking states were Alaska and North Dakota, each with 1,000.

[from wsj]

Regia Art 20s Fashion Show by Keka

Created in 2005 by Keka for Regia Art.

Betsey Johnson Sells Village Penthouse for 2.5M

Clothing designer Betsey Johnson sold her two-bedroom penthouse apartment in Greenwich Village for $2.5 million, $1.1 million below its original asking price.
The sale of the 1,660-square-foot co-op unit at 45 Fifth Avenue to Kemal Askar.
The unit went on the market late last year for $3.6 million.
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J is the Tenth Letter in the Modern Latin Alphabet and a Painting

1- The NYC J train.
2 - The J programming language? High-Performance Development Platform
3 - J is a text editor written in Java and distributed under the GNU General Public License.Want to Download ? The latest release is available from the SourceForge download page.
or buy J The Regia Marinho Painting here?

Brazilian Police Recovered Picasso Work on Paper

Brazilian police have recovered the final piece of artwork that was stolen during a daylight heist at the Estacao Pinacoteca Museum in Sao Paulo on June 12.
Earlier police arrested a suspect at the time they recovered "The Painter and the Model" by picasso. This was the second theft in less than a year of picasso works in Brazil.
Find Brazilian Regia Marinho paintings at,

Billionaire Chandler Invests $4 Million for Mom's New York Art Gallery

Ana Tzarev, a happy artist, she's taking on her own hands the business of art.
Billionaire investor Richard Chandler is helping his mother’s work find exposure in Manhattan by spending up to four million dollars on a fourteen-thousand-square-foot gallery to sell her paintings. According to Lindsay Pollock of Bloomberg, Chandler considers the two-story gallery, set to open this fall, an investment, not a gift. “I have provided a loan,” he said. “I anticipate being repaid in the fullness of time.” Chandler's mother, self-taught artist Ana Tzarev, signed a ten-year lease for the space at Twenty-four West Fifty-seventh Street, with an approximate annual rent of $2 million and renovation costs between $3.5 million and $4 million, according to a broker familiar with the project.
Tzarev's name will be on the facade of the building, joining other prestigious galleries on the street, including Marian Goodman and Ameringer & Yohe Fine Art.
Abstract Complex Art at

David Elliot Artistic Director Biennale of Sydney 2010

The Biennale of Sydney has appointed David Elliot artistic director of the 2010 biennale.
Elliot is a U.K.- born art gallery and museum curator currently based in London, Berlin, and Istanbul.
He has worked as the director of the Museum of Modern Art in Oxford,
the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, 
and the Moderna Museet in Stockholm.

He was the founding director of the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo and served as the president of CIMAM — International Committee of ICOM for Museums of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Art News: Art Dealer David Nolan Open Two New Spaces

Regia Marinho Drawing New York art dealer David Nolan is opening not one but two new spaces this September—one in Chelsea and one in Berlin.

Established in 1987, David Nolan Gallery specializes in contemporary works on paper by American and European artists. The gallery program also includes museum-quality exhibitions featuring works in fields such as Surrealism, African sculpture, Korean porcelain, and Japanese lacquer ware. Although the gallery focused primarily on prints and works on paper early on, paintings and sculpture have become an important part of the present program. [from artinfo]

Abu Dhabi $1M for the World’s Most Expensive Holiday

Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace Hotel is offering a $1m holiday package seven-night experience for two includes:

1- private-jet travel
2- a chauffeur-driven Maybach car
3- an Emirates Palace Sunset and Desert Island tour
4- gifts of Emirates Palace Gold Champagne
5- the rarest pearls in the world from Robert Wang
6- a selection from Holland and Holland Sporting Guns
7- a deep-sea fishing trip - the complex abstract.

Why are these the most expensive streets in the world?

Number 1
Avenue Princess Grace, Monaco $190,000 per sq/m

Number 2
Severn Road, Hong Kong $121,000 sq/m

Number 3
Fifth Avenue, New York City $80,000 per sq/m

The Avenue stretches from Washington Square in lower Manhattan, all the way up to Harlem, but the residential properties in the Upper East Side of the Avenue that attract the sky-high prices. Some apartments are likely to sell for as much as $60m at exclusive addresses like Plaza Apartments, linked to the famous Plaza Hotel, and 834 Fifth Avenue, where the press baron Rupert Murdoch bought an apartment for $44m in 2005. [from wealth-bulletin].

Regia Marinho painting

What is a Complex Shit? Inflatable Drawing Video

What is a Complex Shit? An inflatable by Paul McCarthy, a drawing/painting video by Regia Marinho.


Salvador Dali Daughter?

What do you think?
Woman Claims to be Daughter of Salvador Dali

A 52-year-old Spanish woman has gone public with the claim that she is the daughter of painter Salvador Dali (1904 -1989). Pilar A., who comes from Girona in northern Catalonia, has undergone DNA tests in Paris with the Descharnes family who manage Dali´s estate.

Now, eight months later, Pilar has not yet been informed of the results. She believes the results are being withheld by Descharnes and says she has threatened legal action. Pilar told EFE she believes she is the daughter of the surrealist painter because of hints made by mother, who worked as a maid for a Barcelona family who vacationed in Cadaques, where Dali famously spent his summer holidays.
Pilar said that she was "aware" that she would have a right to Dali"s property, but that the main issue for her was to know her father"s true identity. [from artdaily]

Abstract ART =

Russian Billionaire Bought the Most Expensive Residential Property for €500M

A mysterious Russian billionaire has trumped his big-spending rivals and broken a world record by splashing out €500 million (£392 million) on one of the most sumptuous villas on the French Riviera.

The buyer is believed to be a Russian oil billionaire, who is keen to remain anonymous. Villa Leopolda was built in the early 1900s for King Leopold II of Belgium and was bought by the former Fiat boss Giovanni Agnelli in the 1950s. [wealth-bulletin]

Villa Leopolda is the world's most expensive house, situated in the French town of Villefranche-sur-Mer on the Cote d'Azur. In August 2008, the previous owner, Lily Safra (wife of the deceased Lebanese businessman Edmond Safra), a famous jewish philanthropist, decided to sell it to its new Russian owner at a price of approximately 500 million euro. [from wikipedia]

50 abstract paintings available for your big house (same size 24" x 24") contact:

Christian Boros Art Collection in Berlin Bunker

Christian Boros. Source: Oliver Mark/Boros collection via Bloomberg News.
Christian Boros bought a World War II bomb shelter in Berlin with 2-meter-thick concrete walls and clanking metal doors. He then spent five years converting it into an exhibition center for his contemporary art collection and a home for his family.
The private collection can be viewed by prior appointment. There will be two-hour guided tours every Saturday. read more ...

Beijing BIRD NEST Great High Tech Pyrotechnics 8-8-08

Photo: Jason Lee/Reuters THE BIRD NEST
painting mixed media on canvas
Regia Marinho/
Send offer for this original painting to

I Am Rich iphone App + iphone Painting

The latest hot iPhone application that has caught everyone's attention is the "I Am Rich" app by developer Armin Heinrich.
The app costs $999.99 and displays a glowing ruby-like light. and the words I Am Rich.
Open it and it will load which Heinrich calls a secret mantra that may help you to "stay rich, healthy, and successful." 
If you're rich you can also have The BLOOD HELL IPHONE Marinho's original painting that is available for $99,999.99
Video here

Eccentric Lord of The Manor of Warleigh Life Art Collection on Ebay

Want to be Lord of The Manor of Warleigh?
Lord of The Manor of Warleigh offers title + land on eBay.
A self-styled eccentric "lonely hearts lord" has put his title and property up for sale on the internet.
He estimates the whole lot is worth up to £6m (€7.5m).
This sale is brought about as the present lord has been diagnosed with advanced prostrate cancer.
Also offered for sale is the family trust's collection of contemporary art ( works by D Folley / La Prevotte / Melais / Piper / Roy Walker  - over 140 items.
Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom
History:    129 bids
High bidder: Bidder 40
6174 visitors
Marinho's painting

Van Gogh's Hidden Portrait Patch of Grass Painting

X-rays reveal - The woman beneath Van Gogh’s Patch of Grass painting.

A Vincent van Gogh portrait of a peasant woman that was painted over by the artist has been revealed in extraordinary detail through use of an x-ray technique that has never before been applied to a painting.

Van Gogh often painted over his earlier works; experts estimate that about a third of his early pictures conceal other compositions.

Patch of Grass was completed in Paris in 1887 and is owned by the Kroller-Muller museum in the Netherlands. [from guardian]

MAGIC TREES by Regia Marinho HERE