How to Cash Out of that Overpriced Painting

In case you want to sell your expensive artwork and buy several pieces of regiaart...
Cashing out can be done through a gallery, an auction house or maybe eBay, or a private dealer.
1 - gallery
If you purchased it from a gallery that has a relationship with the artist, they may be willing to reacquire it quickly, says Judith Selkowitz, who runs the Art Advisory Services in New York.
2- auction
Go for an auction house if you need a guaranteed sale by a specific date.
Commissions can be as high as 10 percent.
Also you can go to eBay to sell your artwork, you may run your auction as many times you need to sell your piece. Contact me if you need help on this. 
3 - private dealer
With a private dealer, expect to pay a 20 percent commission for works under $1 million.

Regia Marinho
Wonderful TREE in Your Mind
original painting
24x30 inches
mixed media on canvas
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