Where to Go in the World to Bump Into a Millionaire?

Tiny Singapore rules the world when it comes to the highest concentration.

Where is Singapore? (see map)
Capital: Singapore City
1°17′N 103°51′E
Official languages: English, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil.
Being less than 150 km north of the equator, visitors to Singapore can enjoy sun and heat all year around.
Singaporeans love to eat, over 90% of Singaporeans live in public housing, usually in huge apartment buildings (up to 20 floors)...OMG.

Your top 5 places to have the highest chance of bumping a millionaire:
1 — Singapore — 10.6%
2 — Qatar — 7.9%
3 — Switzerland — 7.3%
4 — United Arab Emirates — 6.6%
5 — Kuwait — 5.3%

According to Boston Consulting Group’s latest Global Wealth report, as for cities with the largest number of millionaires, nine of the top 15 are in the U.S., with New York topping the list, followed by London, Tokyo, Los Angeles and Chicago.
The U.S. have the largest number of millionaires.
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