Artists Will Be Able to Experiment as Much as They Want

Jerry Saltz

(artists)...They’ll be able to experiment as much as they want. 
Why? because artists love to create something new, but read more of the Jerry article at the New York magazine..

(...) Recessions are hard on people, but they are not hard on art. The forties, seventies, and the nineties, when money was scarce, were great periods, when the art world retracted but it was also reborn. New generations took the stage; new communities spawned energy; things opened up; deadwood washed away. With luck, New Museum curator Laura Hoptman’s wish will come true: “Art will flower and triumph not as a hobby, an investment, or a career, but as what it is and was—a life.”   by Jerry Saltz. read more [] drawing over Jerry photo.
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