Keep Buying Art

Roland Berger is the German management consultant.
If Your Management Consultant Tells You the Art Market Will be Fine, Do You Keep Buying?

Roland Berger is the second-biggest management consultancy in Germany after the U.S. firm McKinsey & Co., Roland Berger Strategy Consultants has clients including Deutsche Telekom AG, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Deutsche Bank AG, Daimler AG and Siemens AG. The walls of its Munich headquarters are adorned with mostly abstract works.

...Of course I have to like it, but I also have to have the impression that the artist is original, not copying someoneelse's ideas. It must also be technically well produced. Last but not least, it has to say something.

Berger buy contemporary art from still unknown artists that is relatively cheap.

He set up a corporate collection that now comprises about 800 works, displayed in the company's offices worldwide. [from bloomberg]
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