Lars Ulrich from Metallica and His Passion for Art Collecting

  • Let's talk about art for a bit. How did you become an art collector? 
We had art all over the house when I was growing up. It’s been a passion of mine for 20-25 years. It’s one area where I can go and be myself. It’s not about being in Metallica or being the drummer in a rock band. I’m accepted for who I am in the art circles. I love going into artist spaces and galleries and auction houses. It’s great because it has absolutely nothing to do with Metallica. It’s my place of sanctuary.
Regia Marinho abstract painting.
  • How many Basquiats did you have? 
 I’ve had four, but I just sold my last one.
  • Do you feel any nostalgia for the paintings? 
Yes, but it’s also an exercise that I force myself to go through because you don’t own art. The artists own art. You just hold on to it to enjoy it for a while. It becomes a revolving door, and I have to continue to put those paintings out there. There is very little art that I hoard. I’ve had 10-15 great years with some of these paintings and now it’s time to get some other ones.

  • How is Lars the art collector different than Lars the drummer? 
I’m not sure he’s any different. He’s very passionate and he’s very into it. He researches and reads and gets to know the living artists that he’s collecting. He takes it very seriously.
[from an interview at Stereo Warning.]

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