You Twitpay RegiaArt for an Original Sketch

What is Twitpay?
Twitpay is a simple way to send payments via Twitter.

To send this fine artist some money a collector twitpay me, regiaart.

You can do the same testing this new way to send payment to an artist

    @regiaart twitpay $10 for being a kick ass artist

Because you're a friend you'll receive: 
  • a Regia's sketch created on index card via snail mail.
  • or a digital download if you don't send me your delivery address. 
You can cancel a payment up to 30 minutes after you tweet it out, by sending a direct message to their account. 
Twitpay charges $.05 for sending amounts over $1 and users will occur the usual PayPal fees. 

You can read their FAQ here, it helps.
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