Sold a Basquiat Art Bought an Apartment

Art Collectors Mary-Ann Monforton and Morris Shuman in their Stuyvesant Heights brownstone.

Mary-Ann Monforton and Morris Shuman bought a new home and renovated it with the money from the sale of one of the several Jean-Michel Basquiat paintings she bought directly from the artist at the beginning of his career.

This is a story on what it means to live with art and the benefits of having a great interest in painting.

"This is the house that art built," Mr. Shuman said.

“God bless Jean-Michel,” said Ms. Monforton, who became a friend of the artist when, at about age 17, he used to sit on her stoop in the East Village, across the street from a “Flat’s Fixed” sign. The motif later appeared in many of his paintings.

“We thank him all the time,” Mr. Shuman said.

The couple still buy art, often at charity auctions. Last year, Ms. Monforton bought a work by Kara Walker at a Bomb magazine benefit.

“This is my I.R.A. — Individual Retirement Art,” she said.
[from NYTimes]

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