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What a difference a day makes? New York Art Auctions

Sotheby’s failed to sell its top Picasso and Giacometti at its NY Modern art auction.
And just 1 night later Christie’s sold Picasso's "Mousquetaire a la pipe" to a bidder in the room for $14.6 million. Christie's had sold the same work 5 years ago for $7.2 million.
At Christie's auction 42 percent of the buyers were from the United States and 44.7 percent were European, a group that includes Russians.


Ukrainian Art + Russian Art

Sotheby’s will make a sub-sale of Ukrainian Contemporary art within its London Russian Contemporary art auction week.

With wealthy Russian buyers no longer dropping millions of dollars on art since the economy soured in the fall, Sotheby’s is hoping to entice Ukrainian collectors who are willing to shop at a more modest level.

For the first time the auction house will be adding examples of contemporary Ukrainian art to its contemporary Russian art auction in London on June 9. Estimates for the works range from around $3,000 to about $36,000. To promote the sale it will be showing 19 highlights at the Ukrainian House in Kiev on May 20 and 21.from Inside Art NYTimes

Trying to think of anyone I could have possibly not told about RegiaArt yet in the last 2 years.
Regia Marinho 24" x 30" painting

An Art Fund

Castlestone Management’s recently announced that an art fund that will be open to investors with as little as $10,000 to allocate toward art as an asset class.

Angus Murray, Castlestone’s managing principal. Art, for Mr. Murray, is another real asset, one that has been under-utilized by finance professionals.

Murray will seek to create a diversified collection of museum-quality modern art from a variety of genres, including: impressionist, post-war, contemporary, sculpture, urban art and photography.

The interview Angus Murray did with Bloomberg UK last Friday is below minus the opening section dealing with oil and commodities prices

Interview with Angus Murray

John Dawson I’m now joined by Angus Murray, the founder of Castlestone Management which now has $700m in assets. Angus joining the managers, the Aliquot Active Commodity Index Fund. [ . . . ]

John DawsonDon’t go away Angus, because contemporary art prices have slumped by half over the past six months. Wealthy buyers are drying up …

Optimism at Tefaf Art Fair in Europe

...until 22 March at the world's largest art fair, held in the Dutch town of Maastricht,
Tefaf art fair near the Netherlands' border with Belgium. The 22nd European Fine Art Fair will host art and antique dealers, mostly from Paris, London and New York, exhibiting their finest works to an expected 70,000 visitors.

Paintings, furniture, jewelry, sculpture, books and china will all be shown in a 30,000-square-meter area, the size of six football fields.

New York dealer Christophe Van de Weghe had a thrilling start to his Maastricht debut after London jewelry magnate Laurence Graff, who also had a booth here, bought Jean-Michel Basquiat's Untitled (The Black Athlete) from 1982 for $4.5 million. [from artinfo]

Tefaf is one of the most influential of art and antiques fairs and this attracts collectors and museum curators from around the globe.  
You still have time to go...

Leaving Some Squiggle Room - Regia Marinho

Article by Erin Roll of Glen Ridge Voice about artist Regia Marinho.

"The shortest distance between two points may be a straight line, but the more interesting and fulfilling distance is usually a squiggly line. Just ask local artist Regia Marinho."

"Some of her drawings contain fine lines and tiny details. Other times she uses broad, forceful, and angry-looking brushstrokes. Some pieces are full of color, while others have colorful dots placed here and there..."

click on the image to read the full article.

More about RegiaArt here
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 Regia Marinho drawing.

An Art Bank - Australia Help Its Art Market

Peter Garrett Australian Arts Minister.

Established by the federal government in 1980, Artbank has grown into one of the nation's largest collections of contemporary Australian art. It rents to private, corporate and public bodies for a fraction of the purchase price.

It's the government art rental service.

At the Australian Artbank about 300 works are added to the collection each year and more than 70 per cent of the collection is rented out at any one time.

...buying a wide range of works from every state and territory. The average purchase price for new acquisitions is $3155.

"We see ourselves as supporting not just the artists but the art market as well. It's about keeping the whole system strong," Cassidy director of Artbank says.

Artbank ready to lend a hand [link]


Regia: Our Local Squiggle Master

An article on about artist Regia Marinho
Say hello on twitter @regiaart

Recession... Just What Art Needs?

The end of the boom is only bad news for the con artists, said Jonathan Jones. [read more]

You know, business is actually pretty slow right now. But, I welcome that challenge.
And also I welcome your suggestions on how to overcome this slump. email me.


Red Room or Blue Room with a Blue Painting?

What color most improves brain performance and creativity?
Choose what it's right to you.

Red boosted performance on detail-oriented tasks such as memory retrieval and proofreading by as much as 31 per cent compared to blue.
Many newsroom walls at The New York Times are bright tomato-soup red. The newspaper’s facilities department says there are no blue rooms in the place. [from NYTimes]
Red can make people’s work more accurate.

For a Creativity boost, go hang out in a blue room.
Blue room is also for a brainstorming session for a new product or coming up with a new solution for something...

Blue wall with blue painting is a winner!

red and the blue paintings above by R Marinho from

Read more about this new University of British Columbia colors study here and here.

Regia Marinho
That line that never ends__________________________ ...
Artist, engineer

Ralph Lauren Collections

Photo By Courtesy Photo Ralph Lauren

Established menswear designers are going back to their roots this season.
Yet Ralph Lauren's vision has always remained consistent. And for fall, that means:

* The return of the three-piece suit;
* Monochromatic looks across furnishings and tailoring;
* A sharper silhouette, with a new rolled shoulder.

And a Regia Art Show video about another season, two years ago.

Degas Sculpture Seller John Madejski

John Madejski is Britain’s 214th richest person, with a confirmed worth of 400 million pounds ($570 million). In addition to cars, Bentley, Ferrari, Rolls Royce and Jaguar, and personal number plates, John Madejski is well known for his interest in art.

Madejski now wants to downsize, if the price is right.

His Degas sculpture is expected to fetch between 9 million pounds and 12 million pounds at today’s Sotheby’s sale in London, the auction house said. [from bloomberg]

He bought the Edgar Degas sculpture La Petite Danseuse de Quatorze Ans in 2004.
The purchase was made at Sotheby's and cost him more than £5m.
Madejski promptly loaned the bronze to the Royal Academy for display in the Fine Rooms at Burlington House.

Turner’s Painting Sells for $13 Million, Why?

Joseph Mallord William Turner's "The Temple of Jupiter Panellenius," painted 1814-16.

The Temple of Jupiter Panellenius Restored made a very high price today at Sotheby’s Old Master Paintings sale.
Richard Feigen the art dealer got $11.5 million for himself (he had paid £648,000 in 1982) and Sotheby’s took the rest of the $12.9 million premium price. [from bloomberg]

I can't believe people still have this kind of money to buy just ONE painting.
Is it not too much for these days?

What about the living artists?
You rich art buyer can find tons of wonderful artworks for $13 Million. Just go online buy what you love and feel good about it.

Regia Art Original Abstract Painting

MoMA and Jerry Salz, the Art Critic

How can great museums cope with hard times? By pulling great work out of the attic.
Art critic Jerry Salz wants MoMA to use the recession as an opportunity to show more art.
And change the way we look at modernity and its after effects.

MoMA inarguably possesses the greatest collection of modern art in the world. It is our Garden of Eden, the place we go to visit the ancestors. Yet after spending three-quarters of a billion dollars in 2004 for its spiffy new building MoMA inexplicably, maybe unforgivably, failed to provide enough room to let that collection soar, or even to tell the whole wild story of modernism. And, a few years later, some say that garden—our garden—is wilting, even that its dying. Since it is unlikely that MoMA will take this open moment to present art history as the tremendous spaghetti-like mix that it really is, staying wedded to its diagrammatic Old Testament version of modern art that runs from Cubism to Surrealism, the museum could think about shaking up the …

François Pinault New Venice Art Museum to Open in June

François Pinault’s new contemporary art museum at the Dogana in Venice will be inaugurated on June 6.
The museum will open with half of a the French billionaire’s personal collection.
The new space in the old customs post will open with half of a two-venue exhibition drawn from Pinault’s personal collection and featuring works that present “a dialogue between artists of different generations” and “a multitude of artistic expressions and sensibilities.”
The show's second venue is the Palazzo Grassi, Pinault’s other Venice museum. [from]

Michelle Obama Wears Jason Wu Gown

Young designer Jason Wu was the designer of Michelle Obama's white inaugural gown, a white chiffon, one-shoulder gown covered in fluffy appliques and beading.
Isabel Toledo designed inauguration outfit Michelle Obama wore earlier.
Jason Wu was born in Taiwan.
Isabel Toledo was born in Cuba. 
Both attended Parsons in New York.
President Obama wore a white bow tie with his tuxedo.
Mrs. Obama also wore diamond drop earrings and a diamond cuff bracelet to match the sparkle of the beaded gown.
Getty Images. [more on luxist]

Yellow Gold, Red Black Colors of the Inauguration

First lady Michelle Obama wore a sparkling yellow-gold sheath dress with matching coat by Cuban-born American designer Isabel Toledo for the inauguration of her husband.
It's a cheerful message of hope and a vote for the American fashion industry.


Reinhold Wurth the Rich Art Collector You've Never Heard Of

Reinhold Wurth, the rich art collector you've never heard of. Net worth: $7.7 billion
Residence: Kuenzelsau, Germany
Wurth rides a Harley-Davidson and has vast art collection, which includes works by Edvard Munch and Pablo Picasso.
Took over tiny screw business from his father at age 19. Today, Wurth Group has $12.5 billion in sales. Company also has interests in a bank and a solar energy company.
[from forbes]

Vladimir Putin First Painting Raises $1.14 million for Charity

Putin’s first painting fetched 37 million rubles ($1.14 million) at a charity auction in his native St. Petersburg last night.

“The painting shows another aspect of a great personality,” said gallery owner Natalia Kournikova, the buyer of the piece.

She bought it because of its creator and will put it on display in her Kournikova gallery.
[from bloomberg]


Regia Art Image of Obama

Regia Marinho
9" x 12" drawing on paper


Art of the Perfect Water Landing by Sullenberger

Sullenberger made what ABCNews' Robin Roberts, who saw the crash from her apartment, called a "perfect water landing" into the frigid waters of the Hudson River off Manhattan.

Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger, III was the last person to leave US Airways Flight 1549 — a true captain, he swept the center aisle twice to ensure no one else was still on board.
Sullenberger is a truly hero!

Thank you for your outstanding experience today over the Hudson river in New York City.

Michael S. Smith Will Design Obama White House

The interior designer Michael S. Smith will be designing the new Obama White House. Known for his work with high-profile celebs like Steven Spielberg and Rupert Murdoch, Smith hails from Santa Monica, California, and creates a sunny aesthetic that seems like welcome change at Penn. Ave.
The Washington Post has announced today.

In a statement released by Michelle Obama, Smith was lauded for his "family-friendly style," and is rumored to be shopping already at kid-focused "everyday retail stores," from the Post.

A room by Michael Smith from Domino Here I have a suggestion for Malia and Sasha's bedroom, 2 original painting on canvas.
and another painting that is also 24 x 24 inches.
Paintings are fun and colorful. Regia Marinho contact Regia

See Putin, the Painter

I got more competition, see Putin, the painter.

Outside of politics, Vladimir Putin may be best known for his manly pastimes, martial arts and fishing  bare-chested in Siberia. Today the Russian prime minister revealed his artistic side.

Putin produced the painting in collaboration with local artist Nadezhda Anfalova.

The painting has a frost-encrusted window and the Russian letter “u,” for “uzor” (pattern), referring to the ice on the window panes.

Putin gave paintings for a Jan. 17 charity auction to benefit two hospitals in his native St. Petersburg.
[from bloomberg]

I have a complete different style...

Regia Marinho  WHY SO ANGRY? 24x36 painting _____________________________________________________

Why We Need Yellow Mimosa?

The color for 2009 is a bright shade of yellow called Mimosa said Pantone.
Pantone is a global standardized color system for design professionals.

Reasons We Need Mimosa:
1- Mimosa is bright and cheerful.
2- Mimosa Embodies Hopefulness
3- It's a color that illustrated optimism and reassurance.
4- Mimosa also speaks to enlightenment
5- It is a hue that sparks imagination and innovation.
6- Mimosa is so good , a recipe will come in the next post

The color is inspired by the vivid yellow color of the flowers of the mimosa tree
and the sparkle of the popular brunch-time beverage.

Said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

Let's work to make things happen in 2009.

regiaart.comloves bright vivid yellow.

Regia Marinho paintings.

ING Sells 10 Percent of Its 25,000-Piece Collection of Contemporary Art

Het ING House, Amsterdam
ING is a global financial services company providing banking, investments, life insurance and retirement services and operates in more than 50 countries.

It is the biggest Dutch financial-services company that is selling art for the first time since it started its collection in 1974.

ING, the Amsterdam-based company that got a 10 billion euro ($14 billion) lifeline from the Dutch government in October, is selling about 10 percent of its 25,000-piece collection of contemporary art, is on display in 1,300 locations.

The average value of the items, mostly graphics, that are up for sale is estimated at 200 euros apiece.
ING sells art from its collection and continue buying. [from bloomberg]
What king of artworks they will buy now? I guess INC will buy original paintings from less known artists.