Why We Need Yellow Mimosa?

The color for 2009 is a bright shade of yellow called Mimosa said Pantone.
Pantone is a global standardized color system for design professionals.

Reasons We Need Mimosa:
1- Mimosa is bright and cheerful.
2- Mimosa Embodies Hopefulness
3- It's a color that illustrated optimism and reassurance.
4- Mimosa also speaks to enlightenment
5- It is a hue that sparks imagination and innovation.
6- Mimosa is so good , a recipe will come in the next post

The color is inspired by the vivid yellow color of the flowers of the mimosa tree
and the sparkle of the popular brunch-time beverage.

Said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

Let's work to make things happen in 2009.

regiaart.com loves bright vivid yellow.

Regia Marinho paintings.
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