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Recession... Just What Art Needs?

The end of the boom is only bad news for the con artists, said Jonathan Jones. [read more]

You know, business is actually pretty slow right now. But, I welcome that challenge.
And also I welcome your suggestions on how to overcome this slump. email me.


Red Room or Blue Room with a Blue Painting?

What color most improves brain performance and creativity?
Choose what it's right to you.

Red boosted performance on detail-oriented tasks such as memory retrieval and proofreading by as much as 31 per cent compared to blue.
Many newsroom walls at The New York Times are bright tomato-soup red. The newspaper’s facilities department says there are no blue rooms in the place. [from NYTimes]
Red can make people’s work more accurate.

For a Creativity boost, go hang out in a blue room.
Blue room is also for a brainstorming session for a new product or coming up with a new solution for something...

Blue wall with blue painting is a winner!

red and the blue paintings above by R Marinho from

Read more about this new University of British Columbia colors study here and here.

Regia Marinho
That line that never ends__________________________ ...
Artist, engineer

Ralph Lauren Collections

Photo By Courtesy Photo Ralph Lauren

Established menswear designers are going back to their roots this season.
Yet Ralph Lauren's vision has always remained consistent. And for fall, that means:

* The return of the three-piece suit;
* Monochromatic looks across furnishings and tailoring;
* A sharper silhouette, with a new rolled shoulder.

And a Regia Art Show video about another season, two years ago.

Degas Sculpture Seller John Madejski

John Madejski is Britain’s 214th richest person, with a confirmed worth of 400 million pounds ($570 million). In addition to cars, Bentley, Ferrari, Rolls Royce and Jaguar, and personal number plates, John Madejski is well known for his interest in art.

Madejski now wants to downsize, if the price is right.

His Degas sculpture is expected to fetch between 9 million pounds and 12 million pounds at today’s Sotheby’s sale in London, the auction house said. [from bloomberg]

He bought the Edgar Degas sculpture La Petite Danseuse de Quatorze Ans in 2004.
The purchase was made at Sotheby's and cost him more than £5m.
Madejski promptly loaned the bronze to the Royal Academy for display in the Fine Rooms at Burlington House.