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Optimism at Tefaf Art Fair in Europe

...until 22 March at the world's largest art fair, held in the Dutch town of Maastricht,
Tefaf art fair near the Netherlands' border with Belgium. The 22nd European Fine Art Fair will host art and antique dealers, mostly from Paris, London and New York, exhibiting their finest works to an expected 70,000 visitors.

Paintings, furniture, jewelry, sculpture, books and china will all be shown in a 30,000-square-meter area, the size of six football fields.

New York dealer Christophe Van de Weghe had a thrilling start to his Maastricht debut after London jewelry magnate Laurence Graff, who also had a booth here, bought Jean-Michel Basquiat's Untitled (The Black Athlete) from 1982 for $4.5 million. [from artinfo]

Tefaf is one of the most influential of art and antiques fairs and this attracts collectors and museum curators from around the globe.  
You still have time to go...

Leaving Some Squiggle Room - Regia Marinho

Article by Erin Roll of Glen Ridge Voice about artist Regia Marinho.

"The shortest distance between two points may be a straight line, but the more interesting and fulfilling distance is usually a squiggly line. Just ask local artist Regia Marinho."

"Some of her drawings contain fine lines and tiny details. Other times she uses broad, forceful, and angry-looking brushstrokes. Some pieces are full of color, while others have colorful dots placed here and there..."

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 Regia Marinho drawing.

An Art Bank - Australia Help Its Art Market

Peter Garrett Australian Arts Minister.

Established by the federal government in 1980, Artbank has grown into one of the nation's largest collections of contemporary Australian art. It rents to private, corporate and public bodies for a fraction of the purchase price.

It's the government art rental service.

At the Australian Artbank about 300 works are added to the collection each year and more than 70 per cent of the collection is rented out at any one time.

...buying a wide range of works from every state and territory. The average purchase price for new acquisitions is $3155.

"We see ourselves as supporting not just the artists but the art market as well. It's about keeping the whole system strong," Cassidy director of Artbank says.

Artbank ready to lend a hand [link]


Regia: Our Local Squiggle Master

An article on about artist Regia Marinho
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