Ukrainian Art + Russian Art

Sotheby’s will make a sub-sale of Ukrainian Contemporary art within its London Russian Contemporary art auction week.

With wealthy Russian buyers no longer dropping millions of dollars on art since the economy soured in the fall, Sotheby’s is hoping to entice Ukrainian collectors who are willing to shop at a more modest level.

For the first time the auction house will be adding examples of contemporary Ukrainian art to its contemporary Russian art auction in London on June 9. Estimates for the works range from around $3,000 to about $36,000. To promote the sale it will be showing 19 highlights at the Ukrainian House in Kiev on May 20 and 21. from Inside Art NYTimes

Trying to think of anyone I could have possibly not told about RegiaArt yet in the last 2 years.

Regia Marinho
24" x 30" painting
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