The House is a new large abstract painting by RegiaArt +William B.

Regia Art + William B., Coloring the World.    

This is an original painting created by artist Regia MARINHO + William Barreto.

27.5" x 47.2" Contemporary original painting on canvas



Artist: Regia Marinho + WILLIAM B
Size: 27.5 X 47.2 inches / 70 X 120 cm - 3/4" profile
Style: Abstract Expressionism
Media: Painting, acrylic on stretched canvas 
Year: 2011
Location: New York, NY

About the painting (by Elaine Dick): 

I like very much the picture that shows the swamp. It remind me CSI Miami (a TV show). 

It's beautiful and dangerous at the same time, like a big fire or a tsunami, when you watch them at a TV set. 

Maybe it's beautiful because of the danger but I'm not very sure about this.

The swamp at twilight where I can feel the absence of noise, the dirty air, the bad feeling beyond the green waters and the fetidness is hard. 

I know that if I stay watching for some minutes I can discover a dead person, a killer trying to hide himself, a cry of help from a wounded animal or a child alone and terrified. 

This picture is very alive and it speaks to me. I'm not sure if I like that speech. 

Elaine Dick.



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